Project description


Hospitals lacked effective systems for identifying patients with intellectual disabilities within their service, the lack of staffing and long working hours can increase the error. Identifying unconscious patient and their medical history is another challenge that emergency services are facing. Long waiting hours in A&E is problematic both for patients and staff.



Digi nurse is combination of hardware and software device that can aid the process of healthcare from entry point to discharge. It can also alarm and remind the infection unit, NICU and ICU for sterilise and disinfect based on their shift hours. Digi nurse is a wearable device that records health vital, store medical records and utilises AI based techniques to assist users in making medical alerts when required. In hospitals it can work as a digital chart of a patient which will enable doctors and medical team to monitor the patients at the distance and assists medical staff in acting when required. It will assess with waiting hours in hospital and reduce waste time of the doctors when they need to digitalise data or communicate with other member of staff. It will help medical researchers to access mass amount of data with consent of the patient.

With aid of ECG and PPG, users can monitor their heart condition closely. Using non-invasive blood glucose test, enable the wearer to control the glucose level closely. (Using combination of ultrasonic, electromagnetic, thermal waves and laser technology). Nursing home administrators can use Digi-Nurse to monitor their care takers and be alerted to rapid changes in their conditions. Same function could be applied to special need patients and vulnerable individuals such as Parkinson and Alzheimer disease. This device eventually can be used in the commercial sector which could help EMT’s identify incapacitated persons and access their medical history to be able to give the necessary service. Using the afore mentioned functions, insurance companies could reduce the risk of fraudulent behaviour. Tracking ECG, blood pressure, body temperature, pulse rate.