Sheyda Shahriari

Founder & CEO
Dr Sheyda Shahriari is the founder and CEO of 3B group limited, a Bioengineering tech company aiming to provide high-quality health systems for everyone. Sheyda started her career at Daywin group and appointed as she was senior international commercial manager before starting her PhD in bioengineering robotic, thesis entitled: “Electroencephalography (EEG) Profile and Sense of Body Ownership: A Study of Signal Processing, Proprioception and Tactile Illusion (Finding a link in neural correlates of human’s perceptual and illusion) “, is a multidisciplinary project and it involves mechanical, electrical, signal processing, robotic, psychology and neuroscience. and assessing whether there is a potential to use classical conditioning for patients to transmit messages from and to the brain in the arm, meaning they get their sensory feedback from artificial limbs and feel lifelike.
This work was in specific focus on investigating the ability to provide sensory tactile feedback from an artificial limb, replicating real biological sensation for prosthesis uses. The study explored both the psychological and physiological impact of different techniques to identify the optimal ways to induce sensory feedback from fully functioning prosthetics and what variables the feedback is most dependent on. which later created Dextra, first product of 3B group. Later on she learned about UN sustainability Goal and Join WWG as Lead data Scientist and soon she was promoted to senior management level. Sheyda earns her PhD in bioengineering robotic from Brunel university, and bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering from King’s college London, and currently finishing her MSc in applied neuroscience from IoPPN.

Amir Salar Khandan

Dr. Amirsalar Khandan is currently developing an integrated biosensor for bedsore and wound care applications using MEMS, smart sensor, and tissue engineering applications for disease modelling, biological systems modelling, and drug discovery. He has been postdoctoral for two years at Tehran Polytechnic. Another research interest of Amirsalar is to develop a new generation of porous scaffolds using 3D print technology. He is the recipient of the best honour researcher from Young Researcher and Elite Club during 2015-2019. Amirsalar works as a research and development director (R & D) of Knowledge based Company and a lecturer in Tehran Polytechnic University and State universities with the advice and supervising of 40 graduate students, writing 1 book title, several Patents, and 120 valid SCI articles in the field of biotechnology, biomedical engineering, and nanomaterials.

Maziar Ghadiri Nejad

Dr. Mazyar Ghadiri Nejad is currently an Assoc. Prof. in Productions & Operations Management at Girne American University, Turkey. He finished his one-year sabbatical in the Department of Production at the University of Vaasa, Finland. He received his Ph.D. diploma in Industrial Engineering from Eastern Mediterranean University, TRNC, Turkey.

Amin Kolooshani

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Atefeh Ghorbani

Atefeh Ghorbani is a bachelor’s diploma holder in biotechnology in July, 2022. She got her high school diploma in experimental sciences in June, 2018. Now, she is a member of the Young Researchers and Elite Club. She has been working as a specialist in the R&D department of a knowledge-based company for over a year. Scientifically, Atefeh is the author of more than 6 scientific articles. Her field of interest is collaborating in scientific research projects in the fields of biotechnology, tissue engineering, 3D printing, etc.

Amir Mohammad Gholami

Amir Mohammad Gholami is a master’s diploma holder in biomedical engineering from Najafabad Azad University. He is an expert in designing and analysis by SolidWork software, in the field of medical engineering and mechanics, and a consultant in the field of medical equipment production. Amir Mohammad has published several scientific articles in high-ranked scientific journals. His skills include writing the technical file of medical equipment, designing and fabricating industrial and medical equipment, as well as analyzing various parts. He is currently active in the Isfahan Chamber of Commerce, Industries, Mines, and Agriculture.

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