Our Mission

Biotechnology is a frontline area of science with immense potential for the benefit of the humankind. The Department shall devote wholly to achieve excellence in the promotion of biotechnology in the country within the ambit of the Allocation of Business Rules. The Department shall provide services in the areas of research, infrastructure, generation of human resource, popularization of biotechnology, promotion of industries, creation of centres of excellence, implementation of biosafety guidelines for genetically modified organisms and recombinant DNA products and biotechnology-based programs for societal benefits. Bioinformatics is a major mission to establish an information network for the scientific community, nationally and internationally.


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Our Vision

To create a European research infrastructure in the field of biotechnology, shaping the field into premier precision tool of future. And to develop, maintain and apply cutting edge devices to make life easier for humankind.  

The Group

Young People of Great Talent

The British Neuroscience association: BNA

International Neuroscience conference

Society of neuroscience: sfn

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Our main office and Laboratory in London

3B is collaborating with institution of health and life science in Iran, UK and 12 other countries. 

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